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Flower events

Novice or experienced gardeners should visit the Philadelphia Flower Show, the best show in the country. Several local organizations including AAA and Know How Tours have bus trips to the show.  The trip I took was organized by Joe Manuel, Master Gardener.  Our bus was filled with "gardening dignitaries" including gardening author Sally Cunningham, Teresa Buchanan, Manager of Lockwoods, several members of the WNY Orchid Society, Master Gardeners and members of the National Garden Walk. Perhaps in a few days I will also be able to plant my 'cinnamon snow' hellebore I carried home from Philly. The plants sold out in the first five hours of the show!

If you plan on adding deciduous trees, conifers, shrubs or woody perennials to your landscape, please shop at Turnbull Garden Center in North Collins. They have wonderful prices on bare root plants. I purchased a Service Berry and Chionanthus virginicus, the fringetree.

Please support your local nurseries, greenhouses and gardens. See my favorites list at the end of the blog.  Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

April 15th       Mischler's Greenhouse 45 cent perennial sale
April 23rd      Easter Egg Hunt at the Botanical Gardens
April 29th      Garden Sensations 45 cent perennial sale (Route 62S, Hamburg)
June 11th        Hypertufa workshop at Lockwoods 
June 18th       Hostas Large and Small with Mike and Kathy Shadrack at Lockwoods.
                    The Book of Little Hostas, by Kathy Shadrack and Mike Shadrack,           
                          will be available for signing by the authors.  
July 16th        Landscape Garden Bus Tour (Menne Nursery)

I'd love to hear about your gardening plans, wish lists, etc.  Please tweet them to @whitecatgarden.

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